General Review on Samsung Tablets

by admin on December 10, 2011

General Review on Samsung TabletsSamsung electronics is one of the leading companies in manufacturing hi-tech gadgets and digital media; they have introduced new breeds of gadgets like the LED TV, slimmest laptops and the best tablets. Samsung electronics is one of the many competitors of tablet technology however it is the only tablet pc that rivals the Apple ipad. These two brands are the best manufacturer of hi-tech touch phones, state of the art laptops and gadgets but in this article, a general review on Samsung tablets will be focused so as to give the reader a better view of the Samsung tablets.

Samsung electronics has three main models of tablets today, namely the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and the newest addition to the Samsung tablet family, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. According to the general reviews on Samsung tablets, the size of these tablets are slimmer compared to other tablets, the Samsung tablet 7.0 plus is slimmer than ipad1 and so is the Samsung tab 10.1 if compared to the ipad 2. The general reviews on Samsung tablets also said that the Samsung tablets are compact and can fit in the palm particularly the Samsung tab 7.0 plus, they are also easier to carry around since they weigh less compared to other tablets. Samsung uses LCD technology that produces better viewing clarity however the display quality varies between the tablet models, the Samsung tab 7.0 has 1024×600 display while Samsung tab 8.9 and 10.1 has 1280×800 both resolution delivers rich colors and better clarity. General reviews on Samsung tablets also tells about the operating system of these units, Samsung tab 7.0 uses the android 3.2 honeycomb and Samsung tab 8.9 and 10.1 uses the android 3.1 honeycomb OS. The android OS is also the primary competitor of the apple iOS. Samsung tablets also have long battery life; it can continuously play videos and movies for six to seven hours however it decreases when Bluetooth is in use. Also general reviews on Samsung tablets are good when it comes to typing and games; the touch screen is very responsive and has vibrating options.

General reviews on Samsung tablets is excellent, many users have praised and recommended the Samsung tablets to their friends and colleagues due to its design, practicality and fun. Many consumers says that it is the best tablet since it is lighter and more mobile, it is also very user friendly and is very responsive to the touch, since Samsung is also one of the leading manufacturer of touchwiz gadgets, there is no doubt that the it has state of the art touch screen. General reviews on Samsung tablets also said that these tablets are very ideal to those people who want to have their first tablets.  However the drawback of the tablets according to the general reviews on Samsung tablets is that since it uses the Android OS it has lesser apps compared to the Apple ipad, in numbers apple apps have reached 250,000 while android apps has 100,000 only but surely more apps will be available in the future.

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